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Below are a pair of red fox we use in some of our animal display. This pair normally have pups in April.

A pair of Fennec Fox relaxing.

Above is is an Arctic Male Fox

Above is a Pair of Arctic Marbles(red fox with white hair)

If you are looking for really neat pet, and you have small children buy a baby goat or lamb that is on the bottle. They make a great pet for a small child.


Animals For Sale 812-865-3140

We have started taking deposits on Spring animals. We do not raise alot of any one species. Breeding season will start soon. We are taking $50 deposits on baby animals That will be born This Spring.

Below are some baby animals that we raised in 2013.

Lambs for sale $50 each.

Please call, do not TEXT.

updated 04/09/2013

WE have camels for sale most of the time, call for info.

Here are pictures of red fox pups.

Arctic pup

Arctic fox

In summer they are blue or grey.

Coatimundi baby

A Pearl or Dakota Gold fox pup.

Baby ground hog

WHITETAIL DEER, if you are looking to buy deer call Butch VonHaggen 518-368-0918

If you want to buy a fox Please Read!
Red Fox, Silver Fox, Arctic Fox and Grey Fox have one litter a year. Litters (puppies) are born March through May.Fennecs have had two litters in a year. If you are wanting a pet fox get your puppy at 4 -6 weeks of age. If you want a breeder you can get your puppy at any time. A 4-6 week old puppy loves everyone. The pup has yet to bond to anyone. This is when you need to pick up your pet! Your pup needs to ride home in your lap. If we wait till the fox pup is 8 weeks old and I ship the pup here is what happens. He arrives at your home, all new smells. All new people with a new home. He does not feel safe. The pup will probably bite you. Anyone buying a pup should drive to the farm (breeder) and spend some time with the pup in his surroundings. Not all pups in a litter will make a pet. They are like people, no two are alike. There are a lot of scams out there be careful sending money.Fox do not make a good pet for a small child.

Some Prices * Arctic Fox pups $450 * Red Fox & Ranch Fox pups $350 each.* Grey Fox pups $400 each.* Pot Belly pigs $50-$200 each.* Mini donkeys $50-$400 each.* Camels $3500-$12,000 Each. Mini Goats $50-$300 Each * Mini Sheep $50-$200 each. Prices vary due color,sex and personality.

If you are looking for miniature donkeys, mini zebu and camels. Call for what is available.812-865-3140

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for an animal lover read below.

Animal People do you take Animal Finders Guide
It is a monthly paper that has animal ads, and articles on how to raise exotic animals.It cost $24 for the year.

To subscribe call 812-898-2678 between 1-5PM weekdays. Or visit their website at www.animalfindersguide.com